Hi, I’m Amrutash. This is me telling a story:

This is my family:

This is my friend and ex-boss Ajit and me on the Great Wall of China:

This is my journal.

I don’t write regularly. I’m inspired by my cousin Nitya’s irregular and my long-term collaborator Amrit’s (sort of) weekly - they don’t keep to a schedule. Life sends stuff my way and it accumulates in my mind. And sometimes there’s enough to write a good post. I like it this way - I don’t generate unnecessary spam.

I write on stuff I like - startups, marketing, books, writing, storytelling, parenting - for a “general audience.” I live in Bangalore.

Ok, so … I suppose you now have a compelling urge to click “Subscribe Now” so you can get my posts on email. I won’t stop you.

PS: If you need to know who I am, and what I’ve done, and what my credibility is, then please head to my LinkedIn page.

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Hi, I'm Amrutash. I write on a range of things: startups, storytelling, marketing, parenting, etc.


I love reading, writing, and storyteller. I'm a compulsive entrepreneur, husband to a nerdy librarian/editor/writer, and father to a joyful star. I love puzzles, and commas. I'm learning the piano.