I’ve imagined Amrut’s Weekly as a end-of-week collection of my most important thoughts for that week.

Inspired by my cousin Nitya’s irregular (which is a ray of sunshine whenever it comes) and my long-term collaborator Amrit’s (sort of) weekly (as of now you’ll have to email him privately to join his list) I’ve finally decided to take the effort to put pen to paper regularly, and bring coherence into my own thoughts and work.

Apart from the inspiration, fellow curious-person Rahul’s nudging worked. He co-runs an amazing learning environment for kids (i.e. school). He’s the pedagogue that the country needs right now.

Over the years, I’ve written in different places, for different purposes. And sometimes I could have written a great piece, but just didn’t.

Through Amrut’s weekly, I hope to put everything down. As you read, you’ll get a slice of my life, my thoughts, etc. That’s pretty much all; here’s the big call to action for this page: