Full Stack Humans

This is a job ad, with a hook, a hold and a payoff.

My mind is fully occupied with this idea: 2020 was the year of full-stack-humans (FSH). The ones who worked, and from anywhere, swept floors, cooked food, exercised at home, helped family when in crisis, were good listeners to their friends, understood new science and debunked bad new pseudo-science, etc.

The specialist-humans might have done fine, or not. But the FSHs truly aced it.

It’s even more true in the workplace! Here’s my reflection on what makes an FSH so amazing in the workplace:

  • Full-stack-humans are eternally curious. They don’t bind their knowledge. You will never hear them say, “This is not my job.” or “I’ve learnt enough!” or “Someone else is already doing this.”

  • Full-stack-humans are always learning and picking up skills, especially cross-domain skills. They don’t care if it’ll improve their resume or if it makes their next appraisal better. It’s slightly impossible for FSH to switch off their learning brain.

  • Full-stack-humans are constantly doing something. The human experience is just too precious to be binge watching Netflix all the time. 

  • Full-stack-humans aren’t waiting for someone to “finish their part.” They’re processing parallely.

Just like the full-stack coder who decides to ace front-end and back-end and all other ends, the FSH is going all the way in the workplace experience. 

Growth Marketing

fREADom is in the English Ed space, and we’re trying to solve the fundamental problem of getting people to know the English language better, and maybe move the needle on a few UN SDGs in the process (quality education, reduced inequality, economic growth).

I head Growth. My team solves for growth using the normal marketing toolkit and the abnormal one too. We code, analyse data, run ads, make creatives, and look at dashboards.

We also integrate a lot of APIs. If growth marketing wasn’t a thing, I would have called our team API-fixers. Or maybe landing-page-makers. Or ad-optimisers. Or dashboard-watches. Or Creative-rehashers. Or content-... Yeah we are grateful that growth marketing is a thing. 

The JD

We have openings in the growth marketing team. If you know any 2 or more of these skills well — write, illustrate, design, code, run social media channels, manage teams, analyse marketing data, run ad platforms, or similar stuff — and you understand how the modern internet world works, hit me on Linkedin. If you have a resume that’s a little bit of everything, and there’s no JD for you, and perhaps no JD has ever fit your resume perfectly, then let’s talk.

Who’s most suited for this job? A full-stack-human, of course.

PS1: This article closely resembles what we think of the growth function.
PS2: This is our formal careers page - link. There are also a few roles that aren’t listed yet - CTO, Engineering lead, VP Sales, PMs.